Axel Chalon

I'm looking for a 5-month internship in Berlin starting July 2017!
I'm very interesting in exploring Haskell, functional programming, reactive programming, Docker, AWS, microservices, GraphQL, graph databases, logic, natural language processing, discourse/conversation analysis, decentralization, free software, machine learning and maintainability/scalability.

my last name dot my first name at gmail dot com

Nahel Moussi


• • 2017


A game of rhythm and reflex. I did some RxSwift/RxJava programming and made the music for the motion design.

Tesla Redesign

We redesigned the Tesla dashboard and made it partly functional for the purpose of a presentation.

Conscious (Chrome/FF)

Hides the news feed and/or displays how many times you've visited Facebook today. Stay conscious.


A fun little Chrome Extension. Feel like a great coder again.

• • 2016

Bars with good music

Find bars nearby based on the music they play. (Beta.)


Stay clear of prying eyes on Facebook!


Public online whiteboard. Initially an experiment in peer regulation, now more of a practical gadget.

Aperio Sensus

Explore works of art through the words used to describe them. (Team project.)

• • 2015




Strategic multiplayer game; a cross between a maze and a capture-the-flag (Undergoing maintenance.)


Exchange messages on LAN easily, based on where you're sitting in the room.

• • 2014

Conway's Game of Life

With periodicity verification and a challenge mode

Zelda Arcade

Multiple minigames put together

• • 2013


France's premier text hoster TM
(Launched in 2010, 200k texts hosted, 100k visits/month)

• • 2012


Urban Dictionary for French words

• • 2011

Axel Chalon

Web developer
Let's work on cool stuff together!

• • 1995